2011 Sustainability Award, Future Schools, Australia
2010 First Prize, Tallinn Aquarium, Estonia
2010 NZIA New Zealand Architecture Award, Beaumont Quarter, Auckland, NZ
2009 RIBA UK Housing of the Year Award, Tarling Regeneration, London, UK
2009 Shortlisted LEAF European Awards for Planning & Landscape, Derriford Masterplan, UK
2008 Second Prize, Vilnius Masterplan, Lithuania
2007 First Prize, Derriford Masterplan, Plymouth, UK
2007 Second Prize, Rose Revolution Square, Tiblisi, Georgia.
2006 Derriford Masterplan, Plymouth, UK
2006 First Prize, housing project, Elephant & Castle, London, UK
2006 First Prize mixed-use community center, Tarling Estate in London, UK
2006 First Prize HKUST Campus Building, Nansha, PRC
2006 First Prize Europan Implementation Award, F
2004 First Prize, one-north masterplan guidelines, Singapore.
2004 Short listed for AM/NAi Award, NL
2004 Short listed RIBA Awards, UK
2004 First Prize, for a 17 hectare waterfront development in the centre of Bergen, N
2003 First Prize, for the redevelopment of Kipsala, 120 hectare island in the center of Riga, Latvia
2003 Short-listed, Mies van der Rohe Award, Schots 1 + 2, CiBoga Terrain, Groningen, NL
2002 First Prize, The Best Building of the Year in Groningen, NL
2000 First Prize, Living in the Year 2000, Grenoble, F
2000 First Prize, Anglo-Dutch Awards For Enterprise, UK/NL
2000 First Prize, Regeneration Tarling Estate, Tower Hamlets, London, UK
1999 Short listed, Young Architects of the Year, UK
1998 Third Prize, Gallipoli Peace Park, Turkey.
1998 First Prize, Vinex Housing, Vijfhuizen, NL
1996 First Prize, Europan 4 housing competition, Manchester, UK
1994 First Prize, Europan 3 housing competition, Groningen, NL
1993 National Design Award for urban design, Karlsruhe, D
1991 First Prize, Urban Revitalisation, Samarkand, Uzbekistan, CIS