Selected Projects: Commercial & Public Buildings

Wexford Hill Building, Wellington, NZ
Design: 2010
8000m2 innovation workspace and wintergarden and integrated parking
Client: Wellington International Airport Limited
In collaboration with Dunning Thornton Englineers & eCubed Building Workshop

Tallinn Aquarium, Tallinn, Estonia
Invited International Competition 1st Prize
2560m2 Marine Aquarium exhibition and education centre
Client: Sailinvest Tallinn Estonia
In Association with Jaap Dankert, Chris Winwood, Dunning Thornton Engineers, eCubed Building Workshop, WT partnership cost consultant

Johnsonville Corner, Wellington, NZ
Limited Competition
Design: 2009
9000m2 office and retail building, internal court & underground parking
Client: Autostop Limited
In Association with Alistair Scott, HMA

Ocean Forest Ocean Research Exhibition Facility, Yeosu, South Korea
International Competition
Design: 2009
6000m2 research, education and exhibition facility,
In Collaboration with Parsonson Architects, Chris Winwood, Professor John Frazer,
Neal Thomas structural engineer, WT Partnership cost consultants, Studio Engleback Landscape

Fusionopolis Innovation Complex, One North, Singapore
Design: 2008
15,000m2 ICT office building, 10,000m2 hotel, integrated courtyards, services and parking
Client: Toleram Group, Singapore
In Association with Battle McCarthy Engineers, WT partnership cost consultants, LST technical architects

Community Centre Tarling Estate, London, UK
Invited Competition First Prize
Design: 2006 Completion 2008
0.3 hectares site, 650 m2 community centre, 10 shared ownership apartments
Client: Tower Hamlets Community Housing
Building Costs: Euro 2,995,000

HKUST Campus, Nansha, PRC
Design: 2006 Completion: 2008
4.5 hectares site, 47.000 m2 educational space, post graduate
education and research
In collaboration with NODE Architects, Ronald Lu, Hong Kong
Client: HKUST Trust, Hong Kong
Building Costs: Euro 25.000.000

SkiHotel, Jurmala, Latvia
Design: 2006 Completion: 2009
3.5 hectare, 21,000 m2 skiing and snowboarding centre, 12,000 m2 hotels, 11,000 m2 hotel and spa facilities space, 36,700 m2 leisure facilities
Client: NEMO Real
Building Costs: Euro 250.000.000

Domus, Frankfurt, D
Design: 2006
Invited Competition: 2nd prize
3.2 hectare site, 72,350 m2 retail space, 1400 parking places,
in collaboration with Dunnett/Craven, London
Client: Bouwfonds MAB Development

Rijksadministratief Centrum (RAC), Brussels, B
Design 2005
Invited Competition Study
4.1 hectares site, 235,000 m2 mixed use development, major
office development with housing, hotel, cultural and
institutional buildings
Client: RAC Investment Corp NV

Regional Opleiding Centrum (ROC) of Amsterdam, NL
Design: 2003
Urban / architectural study for a multi-functional ‘community college’ in the new development of the Zuid-As in Amsterdam
0.5 hectare site, 22.000 m2 educational program, 8000 m2
shops, 240 underground parking places
Client: ROC of Amsterdam

The Great Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt
Design: 2002
International competition
48 hectare site, 83.000 m2 exhibition program, administration and public event spaces
Client: Egyptian Government

Neals Yard Headquarters, Battersea, London, UK
Design: 2001
120m2 site, 1000 m2 warehouse and production space,
2000m2 offices.
Client: Fashion Street Regeneration Ltd.

Pavilion, Hengelo, NL
Design: 1999
150m2, cafe, public toilet facilities, market offices, 150 bicycle stalls
Client: City Council of Hengelo

Music and Arts Centre, Jyvaskyla, FIN
Design: 1997
International Competition
0.5 hectares site, 8300 m2 of art museum space, concert hall, administration centre and public event spaces.
Client: City of Jyvaskyla

Redevelopment of Zaandam Rail Station Zaanstad, NL
Design: 1996, Feasibility study,
2 hectares site, 24000m2 office, 20,000m2 shops/leisure.
Client: City of Zaanstad

Museum Extension for the Prado Museum, Madrid, E
Design: 1995
International competition
5 hectare site, 25000m2 museum, administration and
transportation facilities.
Client: Prado Museum