Selected Projects: Research

Click-Raft fabrication technology system
Research and Design: 2005 – 2011 (ongoing)
Prototype Development: Type01 2006-8, Type02A/B 2010/11, Type03 2011, Type04 2011, Type05 2012
Research conducted with various organizations at different stages in its development, early on Queensland University of Technology, AUS, Rijks University of Groningen were jointly involved in the Buckminister Fuller Challenge initiative. More recently PrefabNZ, Future Schools Australia and Puke Ariki Museum are partners.
Funded: click-raft trust and CMA+U

Wellington Super Region Urban Strategy
Research and Design: 2010
Funded: Custance / Paul Barris / Wellington Regional Council

Te Awa Kairangi: Technology Valley
Hutt Valley Urban Framework Strategy
Research and Design: 2010
Funded: Custance / Wellington Regional Council / Upper Hutt City Council / Lower Hutt City Council

Traffic Space
Research and Design: 2005
Research conducted at Berlage Insitute in Rotterdam in collaboration with the Instituut pour la Ville de Mouvement (IVM) in Paris over urban development and mobility in three cities in China, Wuhan, Guangzhou and Shanghai
Funded: Instituut pour la Ville de Mouvement (IVM) and the Berlage Insitute

H21C: The Intense City + Urban Housing
Research and Design: 2004
End: 2006
Research into the contemporary conditions influencing intense forms of housing and urban expansion in Great Britain in the coming century.
Funded by: Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851

INFRA-NODES systemic study of water/rail/road/internet infrastructures, Groningen, NL
Research and Design: 2003
Research conducted in coordination with Groningen University, Regional and City Councils.
Book 2003
Funded: City of Groningen

HOV Groningen Noord
Research and Design: 2003
Book and Model 2003
Research conducted coordination with Groningen University and Gemeente Groningen
Funded by: City of Groningen

NL© the Netherlands Center, Geldermasen, NL
Research and Design: 2003
Book: 2005
Research conducted at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam in collaboration with developers MAB over the Netherlands largest leisure and retail center (260.000 m2) situated at the center of the country in Geldermasen.
Funded: MAB and the Berlage Institute

Evolutionary Tower, Groningen, NL
Research and Design: 2003
Site: .8 ha. Study for a high rise in the middle of an existing housing area in Groningen
Consultant team: S333 Architecture+Urbanism in collaboration with John Fraser
Funded: Boekwinkel Gobert Walter

Waste Space - Optimizing Environmentally Charged Places in Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL
Research and Design: 2001– 2002
Book: 2003
Urban/architectural study investigating the optimizing
of 47 environmentally hindered sites and areas in Amsterdam.
Funded: City Council of Amsterdam