Selected Projects: Urbanism

Luksio Quarter, Vilnius, Lithuania
Design 2008
Invited International Competition
Mixed-use Urban Centre 150,000m2 development
Client: Ogmios Centras Group

Bircham Park, NWQ Derriford, Plymouth, UK
Design: 2007/8
Limited Competition 2007 & Commission 2007-10
6.5 hactare site, 101,550 m2 mixed use development of residential, offices and commercial space
Parking for 850 cars and regeneration of Derriford Research Hospital
a new urban centre called Bircham Park within Plymouth City Council’s ‘Area Action Plan’, a strategic framework for the development of north Plymouth

Competence Innovation Centre, Konstanz, Lake Konstanz, Germany
Design: 2007
International Competition & Commission
2 hactare site, 20,000m2 innovation centre, 200 bed hotel and restaurant, 5000m2 supermarket 24 rooftop villas, 500 parking places
Client: Euroland Vastgoed
Associates: Studio Engleback, Landscape Architects

Paljassaare Harbour, Tallin, Estonia
Design: 2006
60 hectare site, 1,051,000 m2 mixed-use harbour front program
Client: Sergei Hadzi, Peeter Tibbo, Robert Lepikson
KS Holding, Haltransa, Petromaks + Scantrans

Quays of the River Scheldt, Antwerp, B
Design: 2006
Limited International Competition
60 hectare site, Vision study for a 6 km long and 100 m wide strip along the River Scheldt: mixed use program including public and private functions, a new tramline, flood defence provisions
Client: City of Antwerp and Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV

Filipstad, Oslo, N
Design: 2006
38.2 hectare site, 460,000 m2 housing, offices, cultural and commercial buildings, terminal facilities, parking
Team: S333, 3RW Arkitekter, Bergen
Landscape: Karres en Brands, Amsterdam
Client: Municipality of Oslo

Warwick Bar, Birmingham, UK
Design: 2005
Invited Competition: 2nd Prize
1.4 hectres site, 1,500 m2 cultural space, 2,800 m2 educational space, 500 m2 café, 2,800 m2 workshop space, 600 m2 retail space, 13,600 m2 housing
Local Authority: City Council of Birmingham
Client: ISIS Waterside Regeneration

Reitzenstein Gardens, Dusseldorf, D
Design 2005
Invited Competition: 2nd Prize
22 hectare site, 105,000 m2 mixed use program, 652 dwellings, 8.400 m2 retail, 10,600 m2 services, 6,000 m2 office
Local Authority: City Council of Dusseldorf
Client: Van der Looy Project Management BV

“Luxopolis,” Luxembourg
Design: 2004
Limited International cCompetition
120 hectare site, the development potential of a new regional train station and gateway function to the city and new mixed use urban quarter for Luxembourg south in Hollerich.
Client: City of Luxembourg

One north, Singapore
Design: 2004
Urban design commission centered around implementing urban design guidelines for 30 ha area for a new breed of science and technology park in Singapore
Client: JTC, Singapore

Coast Wise, Bergen Norway
Design: 2003 Framework Plan: 2004
Urban visionplan and design guidelines for a 17 ha business and cultural facilities, university campus, park and residential accommodation.
In collaboration with 3RW Arkitekter, Bergen
Client: City of Bergen

Riga Riverside, Riga, LV
Design: 2003
International Competition: First prize,
Site of 120 ha with program for Marina and conference facilities, university campus, office and living accommodation
In collaboration with American Construction Group, Riga Client: City of Riga

Eikenlaan, Groningen, NL
Design 2003
Urban design study about the introduction of a new public tram route in an important traffic artery for the city of Groningen
Client: Municipality of Groningen

Oldham Vision Plan, Oldham, UK
Design: 2003
Comprehensive urban strategy for a north English industrial city, in collaboration with Comedia and URBED, Manchester.
Client: Oldham MBC

Parkville Nieuwendam Noord, Amsterdam, NL
Design: 2002
20 hectare site, urban vision proposal for higher density in a post war housing area, 430 dwellings, 18,000m2 mixed use
Client: Het Oosten

Garden City World, London, UK
Design: 2002
80 hectares site, spatial design and urban regeneration strategy as part of the new Thames Gateway initiative in South Dagenham.
Client: London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, and Heart of Thames Gateway Partnership

New Town Centre, Nieuw-Vennep, NL
Design: 2000 – 2001
6 hectares site, urban plan for for a town center for 280 dwellings, 22,500 m2 retail/commercial, 625 parking parking places in collaboration with the city council of Haarlemmermeer
Client: de Woonmaatschappij & the City Council of

La Ville Forêt, Urban Regeneration, Grenoble, F
Design: 2000
International Competition: First Prize
14 hectares site, 1700 dwellings, 50 000m2 mixed programme.
Client: Europan, City of Grenoble

Tarling Estate, Tower Hamlets, London, UK
Design: 2000
Invited Competition: First Prize
1.8 hectare site, 500 dewllings, 8000m2,shops, offices and
supermarket. In collaboration with Stock Woolstencroft
Architects, London
Client: Toynbee Housing Association