click-raft roof

Callaghan Cafe

The idea for the new building was concieved as a minimal yet elegant light box bi-sected by an open and welcoming entrance and breakout terrace for a variety of public events and functions. The structure is fabricated using engineered timber in floor, wall and roof cassettes, posts, frames, trusses and a click-raft lattice roof over the breakout terrace. Cladding combines lightweight polycarbonate skins with plywood cassettes and structurally insulated metal roof panels.

stair up to lab pod

Callaghan c20 Lab Pod

click-raft systems used to show case next generation building technologies, materials and techniques at Callaghan's Innovation Quarter in Gracefield

Callaghan Hub

We imagined the project as a sequence of spaces like a cascading series of river terraces where ideas can be explored (discovered), exploded (worked out), and exploited (prototyped, tested and developed). Three separate yet inter-connected pavilions step down the slope in a series of terraces in shifting atmospheres to house each critical stage of the innovation cycle or “flow”. Each pavilion is covered with its own Solar Sail canopy, concieved as a kaleidoscopic filter. Each canopy is clad in photovoltaic array’s to provide energy, admit carefully filtered sunlight and provide shelter from extreme solar radiation and winter weather.

Mt Pleasant arrival court and front facade

Mt Pleasant Community Centre

The natural beauty of Heathcote-Avon Estuary setting for the Mt Pleasant Community Centre offers a seed of inspiration for a poetic and ecological architecture.

Redcliffs Kindergarten

Following the Christchurch earthquakes of 2010/11 a committed parent community group initiated this project to replace their destroyed kindergarten. The client Kidsfirst Kindergartens became involved and commissioned a new generation building for 30 children to embrace 21st century learning and low impact environmentally sustainable design.

Harakeke Village

Harakeke Village

The project is conceived as an extension of the wetland river eco-system by re-establishing native plant species such as harakeke (flax), raupo, cabbage tree, toitoi, kowhai, mosses, ferns and lichens growing on rooftop, courtyard and walls of the buildings to improve the garden city habitat.

Innovation Precinct

Within the new Christchurch Plan as a response to the earthquakes of 2010 & 2011, CMA+U were commissioned to assist the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment in the preparation of an overarching Strategic Framework Plan to guide future development in the Christchurch Innovation Precinct within the new Christchurch Plan.

Fishermans Bend

Fishermans Bend

CMA+U was commissioned to explore Strategic Urban Directions for Fishermans Bend with major stakeholders in interactive gaming workshops to assist Places Victoria in the preparation of an overarching Strategic Framework Plan to guide future development in the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area (FBURA) as a major expansion and intensification of the inner city.

National Museum

Afghanistan is confronted with a huge challenge to rebuild a peacetime economy. The realisation of the New National Museum is an important part of achieving this incredibly difficult task.

Badel Block

Europe is changing economically and environmentally, its role is being rapidly redefined as one of many global players. Equally the planet’s eco-system is changing with global warming happening faster than many realize.

Gracefield Innovation Hub

Gracefield Innovation Hub

The new work-learn campus for International innovation companies offers a unique opportunity to bring together the previously separate facilities and multi-disciplinary expertise into a flexible “integrated campus” combining the full resources of the research and educational facilities with office and production capabilities to generate a synergetic innovation environment.

Luksio Quarter

Luksio Quarter

The site presents a paradox: in an area defined by intense flows of vehicles, the aim is to achieve a pedestrian realm of relaxed family activity and calm public spaces away from traffic noise and pollution.

Fusionpolis one-north

Fusionpolis one-north

Fusionpolis ICT Media Park provides an exceptional environment within the ‘one-north’ Media, ICT and Life-Science cluster which is establishing Singapore as a cutting edge international node for a new generation of 21st century organizations.

Bircham Park

Bircham Park

Networks of characteristic courts, streets and parks provide a high quality infrastructure of urban spaces delivering ‘services’ to the city at many scales.

The Square of Rose Revolution

Our design concept utilizes the complex integrated pieces of Tbilisi’s urban fabric to bring architecture, landscape, engineering and urban form together in an integrated fusion.

Paljassaare Harbour

A consistent urban form of five storey buildings is centred around courtyards and squares to maximize shelter from the wind and exposure to the sun while ensuring good quality high density low energy building technology.

Paljassaare Harbour

Paljassaare Harbour

A consistent urban form of five storey buildings is centred around courtyards and squares to maximize shelter from the wind and exposure to the sun while ensuring good quality high density low energy building technology.

HKUST Campus

HKUST Campus

Invited competition: First prize. As the first and only offshore campus, the HKUST Graduate School is strongly committed to the internationalisation of its education and students experience.



Oslo’s Fjord City project is planned to be one of the most exciting waterfront developments in Europe.


CLICK-LEARN prefab school

Click-Learn modules enable adaptable customisation to the specifics of climate and site. The CNC fabricated timber system can be combined with prefab concrete or steel base structures as required and flat-pack delivered for rapid onsite assembly.

Rijksadministratief Centrum

Rijksadministratief Centrum (RAC)

Invited competition: Runner up. The purchase of the Rijksadministratief Centrum (RAC) by the RAC Investment Corporation has triggered the opportunity to investigate new uses for this now out of date modernist admintration complex.

click-raft 03

Click-Raft Type 03

Click-Raft Type 03 is specifically developed to provide flexible, low cost, rapid assembly structures for business, retail or educational/training use.

click-raft 02

Click-Raft Type 02

The time is right for radical low impact habitation, for super inexpensive, accessible live/work devices that are in-tune with our fragile planet.

Double Vision

The aim of the competition is to develop an exemplary housing development which can change design and construction practice while at the same time responding to contemporary aspirations about ‘home and desirability’.



One-north is to be developed over the next 20 years as a major catalyst to reposition Singapore’s role in South east Asia for the 21st century.



Open scandinavian competition: First prize, commission.

Evolutionary Towers

Evolutionary Towers

This research project investigates how a ‘Parallel Ecology’ of high buildings could co-exist without destroying the existing qualities and liveliness of the slowly evolved historical city.

Oldham Beyond

Oldham Beyond

The Local Strategic Partnership has commissioned a team of consultants to develop a new vision for Oldham Borough.

New Town Centre Nieuw-Vennep

New Town Centre Nieuw-Vennep

The final proposal for the development plan in late 2002 was a scheme that explored the importance of public space for Nieuw-Vennep in terms of creating a real centre.



A new tram route is being developed that will connect the centre of the city of Groningen through a residential area to one of Europe’s foremost IT centres at the Science University.

Tarling East Development

The task was to transform a post war housing area with poorly defined public spaces into an active urban setting. The total project combines 211 housing units of mixed tenure, with additional social infrastructure necessary to intensify this part of the East London borough of Tower Hamlets.

ROCvA Zuidas

ROCvA Zuidas

The school of the future will be urban and well positioned to engage at multiple levels at both the scale of the city and the scale of its immediate context.

ROCvA CAN diagrams


Commissioned in 2002 by the Regional Educational Centre of Amsterdam and developers Het Oosten to research and create a concept model for a 30,000 m2 multi-functional complex, what has since then been named a ‘community college’.

Waste Space map

Waste Space

The map superimposed the spatial parameters that warrant attention: safety zones, ground pollution, air pollution and sound. Surprising is that 66% of Amsterdam lied within this, ‘waste space’.


Commercial Centre Eschmarke

A new town centre has been constructed in Eschmarke, a small satellite town on the outskirts of Enschede. Our project occupies a prominent and highly visible location at the intersection of two busy streets.

facade Grenoble

La Ville Forêt

The competition site in Grenoble does not only represent a new challenge in the practice of urbanism in France, but also Europe as a whole: re-thinking the development of the city through new forms of intensification and change.

Bloembollenhof materials


Invited competition: First prize, commission. The project forms the first phase of a large Vinex urban plan for 700 new dwellings that will be constructed on the edge of the existing village over the next 5 years.

Schots 1

Schots 1&2, The CiBoGa Terrain

The initial commission was to research and develop an urban plan for the Circus, Bodem and Gasfabriek (CiBoGa) terrain. A separate architectural commission followed to design two mixed use city blocks within the overall urban plan.

Music and Arts Centre exterior

Music and Arts Centre

The building forms the last installment in the elegant, urban crescent around Jyväskylä’s Church Park. It is also part of a series of civic structures that will reinforce Church Park as a centre for cultural activities.

Prado Museum model

Prado Museum

Our project offers an alternative solution in the form of an infrastructural strategy that responds to growth, acting as a multi-spined organ, feeding and linking the museum into a pastoral complex,

Wexford Hill birds eye

Wexford Hill

Too often bright minds deeply buried within their work domain have limited contact beyond this. For this reason the nature of this building has been developed to encourage interaction in a wide range of ‘between’ spaces.

Tallinn Aquarium interior

Tallinn Aquarium

The glowing red beacon attracts visitors to experience a journey upwards to the sky lookout through interactive exhibits, before diving down to “the deep” via an underwater tube walk through the aquarium tanks below.

Wind House

Wind House

The plan is set out on an economic 3.0m module for pre-fab construction. The aim being to reduce time on-site and raise quality of components.
The section in contrast to the plan is not rectilinear, informed by the profile of ancient stone ventifacts shaped by the wind.

exterior view of Ocean Forest Pavilion

Ocean Forest Pavilion

The challenge at Yeosu was to design a unique Off Shore World Expo facility focused on a vision for technologies and capabilities for a newly emerging Ocean based Economy.

Johnsonville Corner facade system

Johnsonville Corner

The design concept is based on four components. Two identical blocks sharing a central core; a structural grid which facilitates diverse uses of office, retail and carpark; a protected inner court; an elegant second skin. Together these components provide a high quality, yet calm and flexible building on the main arterial route to provide high profile A1 office and retail facilities at a highly competitive construction cost.