Chris Moller

  • Architect and Urbanist with broad experience in Architecture and Urban Design in New Zealand, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, the Netherlands.
  • Founding Partner of CMA+U
  • Founding Partner of international architecture/urban design practice S333
  • Board member PrefabNZ • VUW 3rd year Architecture Studio Unit tutor
  • Winner of numerous awards and international competitions including Samarkand Regeneration, Gallipoli Peace Park, Europan 3 Groningen (Netherlands), Grenoble Ville du Foret, Tbilisi Rose Revolution Square redevelopment, Tallinn Aquarium.
  • Senior Urbanist for the city of Groningen 1995-2003; urbanist responsible for major masterplan developments at Europapark with Wiel Arets, Central Station with KCAP, and Arts/Architecture Manifesation Blue Moon festival with Toyo Ito.
  • Moderator of Louis Kahn symposium @ Kahn's birthplace Saaremaa, Estonia 2006 with his son Nathaniel Kahn, partner Anne Tyng, and researchers Robert McCarter, Thomas Leslie and Kimbell Art Museum curator Patricia Loud.
  • Post Graduate tutor at the Architecture Association 1995 - 2003
  • Adjunct Professor Queensland University linked to Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) to build the ‘Connected Developments Project’ an advanced interactive city model with Prof. John Frazer.
  • Advisor to Platform Gras Architecture Centre ‘thinktank’ Groningen, Netherlands
  • Founding partner of ‘City On A Roof’ non-profit Innovation Platform (Groningen-Hamburg-Tallinn)
  • Regional Advisor for Phaidon Publications Architecture Atlas of 21st Century Architecture.

Contact Information: Chris Moller Architecture+Urbanism.