1230 Badel Block

These liquid flows are shaped into conceptual layers or strata.

Client: -

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Design: 2012

Program: 65,000 m2 mixed use urban block


Andrew Mitchener, Atelier One, Chris Moller, eCubed Building Workshop, Studio Engleback

Europe is changing economically and environmentally, its role is being rapidly redefined as one of many global players. Equally the planet’s eco-system is changing with global warming happening faster than many realize. To survive cities need to effect behavioral change, they must work harder to achieve new levels of performance, increased resilience and flexibility to achieve security. Our ambition is to realise a pragmatic response to these challenges at the scale of the urban block. The mix-use urban block enables ‘integrated synergy’ in all of its systems and processes to maximize multiple use of essential infrastructure and services in close spatial adjacencies to reduce waste and increase spin-off’s through intensive mixed use development.

Just as the Sava River erodes and reveals layers of geological strata, the layers of this multifunctional concept are revealed through urban flows of people, vehicles, goods and services, diverse events and activities as well as natural flows of light, wind, rain, temperature and humidity. These liquid flows are shaped into conceptual layers or strata.

INDUSTRIAL STRATA: The rich historic time seam of industrial fabric provides medium scale characteristic urban buildings to enrich a diverse urban life. We have carefully tuned our spaces and buildings to respect and nurture these elements. The medium scale and flexibility of these buildings is ideal as a platform for housing cultural events, artistic activities, a club and micro brewery with yeast production for craft beers, feeding the excess heat and C02 into the food growing rooftop greenhouse to enhance yields.

DEEP STRATA Below Badel Block is the underworld, cars are housed in a grotto of ecologically rich plant life which eats the CO2, scrubbing the air. Shafts of natural light and air provide enjoyable way finding via large Atriums that connect upwards.

NETWORK STRATA OF COURTS & ATRIA At ground level a double height space for retail, cafes, restaurants and service facilities weaves between historic buildings, gardens, courts and atria, provide a necessary buffer from busy streets, supporting a rich cross section of public living spaces for different seasons and activities. This extends private living and working environments in a diverse range of places to network, meet or perhaps dream up a new idea.

URBAN FINGERS: The configuration of upper level strata is informed by readings of the old north-south linear field pattern from the 1913 cadastra plan. A series of “Urban Fingers” reach from mountain to river, orientated to light and views. This upper layer is defined by efficient 15m floor plates, ideal for solar penetration and natural cross ventilation, creating space for a broad mix of uses; apartments to east (Bldg 1) west (Bldg 3a & 3b), and a commercial hub or ‘Hot-House’ – a fusion of hotel/office orientated to full height atrium (Bldg 2a & 2b)