1650 Callaghan c20 Lab Pod

      Innovative materials and techniques show case next generation transformation of the Callaghan campus.

      Client: Callaghan Innovation

      Location: Wellington, New Zealand

      Site: Gracefield Road, Lower Hutt, Wellington

      Design: December 2017

      Program: Office Pod over research laboratories

      Cost: NZ$ 65,000


      eCubed Building Workshop
      Makers Fabrication

      Callaghan needed a new laboratory office. The brief required work space for 4-6 researchers to compliment laboratory facilities in a low cost, innovative design that could be realised within a two month time frame.

      The design was conceived as a lightweight structure with workstations suspended above laboratory stations below. A plywood click-raft lattice is clad in poly-carbonate and plywood wall and floor cassettes supported on black steel sub-structure. Furniture and building structure are one, tables and shelving are fabricated as an integrated part of the architecture. Services components such as ventilation, electrical fittings, lighting etc are all nestled within the weave of the click-raft lattice. A prefabricated steel stair with perforated plywood skins leads up to a transparent glazed wall to overview the laboratory stations below. Stair landings provide the perfect in-between space to meet and exchange ideas.

      The project utilises digital documentation and computer numerically controlled fabrication technology to enable the accelerated production of components in parallel to reduce construction time frames including steel sub-structure, click-raft lattice frame, wall and floor cassettes and stair components. All components were fabricated off-site at the Makers Factory and assembled using the gantry crane.

      For Callaghan Innovation the project illustrates the use of innovative building technologies, materials and techniques show casing next generation transformation of the Gracefield campus into a new dynamic Innovation Quarter.