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1111 Click-Raft Type 02

  • click-raft 02
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  • click-raft 02
“How should we dwell on planet earth?”

Client: -

Location: Netherlands / New Zealand

Site: Netherlands / New Zealand

Design: 2009-2011

Program: 30m2 Live / Work Unit

Cost: P01 - $NZ 30,000.00 (basic unit)


Chris Moller, Jaap Dankert, Stanley Modular

A radical building system that provides answers to the tough question of how to achieve inexpensive sustainable autonomous habitation for the 21st century.
– super fast
– inexpensive
– strong
– easy to assemble / extend
– flexible for different sites

‘This frame, so slightly clad, was a sort of crystallization around me, and reacted on the builder.’
Henry David Thoreau.

The time is right for radical low impact habitation, for super inexpensive, accessible live/work devices that are in-tune with our fragile planet. Inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s hut at Walden Pond, Type 02 Click-Raft units deliver very low cost, high quality, rapid assembly, flexible live/work environments. Click-Raft open system architecture utilizes CNC machined plywood to form a lattice of very strong diaphram structure/networks assembled from standard panels quickly ‘clicked’ into floor, wall and roof-rafts.Type 02 offers fully autonomous architecture, integrating structure, cladding, power/data, plumbing, energy systems, water systems, storage and even furniture within the weave of the plywood structure. Open flexible space is complimented with plug in bath-pods, kitchen-pods, bed-pods, or storage-pods as required. Different cladding choices are available, such as plywood composite panels or polycarbonate louvre systems. The flexible extendable nature of the system allows for many customised building solutions. Rapid prototyping and fabrication within factory conditions, flat-pack transport and rapid-assembly on-site ensure very cost-effective results.

CLICK-RAFT – type 02
10m2 02B-M01 (minimal unit)
30m2 02B-P01 (basic unit)
30m2 02B-L01 (extended unit)