1167 The Square of Rose Revolution

... reclaimed from car traffic and given back to people.

Client: The Silk Road Group

Location: Tbilisi, GE

Site: 2.5 ha

Design: 2007

Program: 27,000 m2 retail, 2,000 m2 cinema, 6,500 m2 office, 18,000 m2 car parking

Our design concept utilizes the complex integrated pieces of Tbilisi’s urban fabric to bring architecture, landscape, engineering and urban form together in an integrated fusion. The new insertions of modern building elements and landscapes negotiate and weave sensitively yet robustly between existing historical and Soviet modernist elements intensifying the drama and experience of the site. The aim being to enhance the shopping and entertainment experience fused together with the new public space celebrating water, and light.

The Square of Rose Revolution is reclaimed from car traffic and given back to people to use as their new outdoor Living Room in the heart of the old city. The square is covered in a continuous surface uniting the different elements including the Cantilever and sunken Amphitheater with a simulated abstract water pattern of the Mktvari River. The abstract water pattern continues throughout the lower ground level to unite upper and lower ground levels as one integrated thickened ground. The two levels are connected by strategically placed voids to provide direct access, light and air to the car parks below.

The Melyk Azariants building opens its arms to embrace the beauty and dramatic views of the Mtkvari River Valley. One arm extends, diving board like, over the river below providing Deck and River Restaurant/bar as counterpoint to the scale and power of Hotel Iveria. This stunning architectural addition to the square shapes an exciting way to experience the drama of the Mktvari River Valley. Additionally the square is pulled back into the interior of the Atrium of the Melyk Azariants building through a transparent information screen creating a unique entertainment and shopping experience immersed in the views of the river landscape.